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VAT Relief

Claiming VAT Relief
Many of our products are available at 0% VAT for qualifying customers, recent changes in the VAT law allow us to supply these products to you without charging VAT, this means that there are no complicated forms for you to fill in, and you do not have to wait months for any VAT to be reclaimed.
All you need to do is complete a simple form during the account registration section of the purchase process, and then click to sign the VAT relief declaration. By digitally signing this declaration you are taking responsibility for the VAT element of the transaction.  We provide the details of all VAT relief claims to HM Revenue and Customs, and there are severe penalties for those claiming VAT relief fraudulently. 
If you want to register for VAT Relief please Click Here to launch our registration process,  once complete you will need to login with the details you have just created to complete your purchase
Once you have completed our account registration process our website will deduct the relevant VAT from your shopping basket before proceeding to our secure payment processor SagePay.
How do I know if I qualify for VAT relief ?
VAT relief can be claimed for anyone who is disabled (by illness or injury), terminally ill, or anyone who suffers from a chronic illness or condition such as arthritis, angina or a slipped disk.  You do not need to be registered disabled to claim VAT relief, but you are required to provide full details of your illness or condition when you complete our VAT relief self-declaration.   
Temporary conditions that are likely to get better over a perod of time such as a broken leg do not qualify for VAT relief, your Doctor or Healthcare Professional will be able to confirm if your condition qualifies you for VAT relief
A chronic illness is defined as – An illness or condition that is likely to last a long time
A disability is defined as – Being substantially or permanently handicapped through illness or injury
What Items qualify for VAT relief ?
There are a number of products and accessories that can qualify for VAT relief, and a complete list of product types can be found on the HMRC website (see further information below)  
Mobility UK Vat Relief Logo

All products on our website carrying this logo qualify for VAT relief  

For a complete list of all our products that qualify for VAT relief click here

Further Information
Detailed information about VAT relief is available from HM Revenue & Customs by clicking here  
You can also contact us to talk about VAT relief and we will help if we can, unfortunately our members of staff are not qualified to provide specific advice on any conditions or illness. These questions should be addressed with your Doctor or Healthcare Professional.